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Custom Fast Steering Mirror and Controller Design

At Optics In Motion, we specialize in innovative solutions for electro-optical systems. 

We currently manufacture a line of dual axis voice coil driven steering mirrors.  These mirrors are used for a variety of applications including scanning, laser pointing, image/beam stabilization, and tracking.  Employing the use of a flexure suspension design allows us to precisely control the motion of the mirror while eliminating the bearing surfaces, which results in smooth motion in two axes with no lifetime issues related to wear.

What separates OIM from its competitors?  We create high quality equipment at the lowest prices.  In the past fast steering mirrors were only for high end, high priced aerospace applications.  Our pricing allows the use of fast steering mirrors in commercial OEM products.  Customers have the option to choose from the line of standard mirrors shown on the website, or they can work with us to create custom designs to fit their needs.



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